What Makes a Woman Sexy

May 2, 2009

smiling_woman_1 Oh, you read about it in magazines, you see it in movies, and you may hear guys talk about it when a hot girl walks by, but have you ever wondered what makes a woman stand out as sexy? Believe it or not, it’s not just the “WOW!” physical aspect of it all. Don’t get me wrong, looks play a big part in it (at least, how those looks are handled), but there are other things that figure into the equation.

Ladies, would you like to know if other guys think you’re sexy? Or would you like to want to ramp up your value just a little next time you see that cute guy you want to impress? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let me give you a little insight into what–besides just looks–makes a woman sexy to a man.

1) A strong laughLaughing, not cackling...very important Now I’m not talking about some hideous witch cackle or something that eventually devolves into a pig snort. I’m talking about a smooth, strong laugh with a nice smile. A woman who’s open to laughter and not afraid to let herself go with a good laugh is a vocal woman. Do you understand where this leads in our minds? You’re vocal in this respect, you’ll be vocal later in another situation. Follow me?

So why the laugh? Why not deep conversation or intimate details of your day-to-day life? Because too much talk can be a big turn-off. We want to know that later you’ll be uninhibited in expressing yourself, but not so talkative that you won’t shut up long enough to do anything else. That little air of “maybe” keeps electricity in the air.

2) Eye contact –  A woman who locks eyes with you and keeps that half-smile going just before her gaze drops to the bar is great. I’m not meaning the scary, stare-at-you-all-night-like-a-stalker girl. No, I mean the woman who isn’t afraid to look at you and let you know she’s doing so. This is the woman who watches you while you’re talking, and doesn’t let her eyes wander all over the room. She’s the woman who makes you think you’re the only other person in the room, and she’s the woman any guy would fight to keep.

3) Confidencemegan-fox-makeupI can’t stress this one enough. If you’re unfazed by a few witty remarks and don’t keep shrinking into the background, you’re in. Again, there’s a fine line here. “Confident” doesn’t mean “I have to be the center of attention all the time”. That “center of it all” girl never sticks out as anything more than a one-nighter. She’s obviously way too selfish to be any good in other situations.

On the other hand, a confident woman is someone who holds her own but isn’t afraid to step out of the spotlight for a while. She speaks up at the right time, but doesn’t monopolize the conversation. That kind of woman is the kind of woman we feel will be more confident later. We’re talking “lights on” and “on top”, and that’s amazingly sexy.

4) AdventurousThis could possibly be a little TOO adventurous I know this seems like it would fall under the “confidence” thing, but not quite. This is a rock-climbing, mountain-biking, back-to-nature kind of girl. You are the “up for anything” woman…and we figure that’s a trait you carry over to every area of your life.

Granted, only a certain type of guy stands a chance of keeping up with you, but every guy knows that. The guy who can manage to keep up with this type of woman is envied by every guy he knows. This is the athletic girl, and she’s the one we picture walking in the door after the long jog/workout and slamming us into the wall as she proceeds to tear our t-shirt to pieces. Bless you, dear woman.

5) Mystery – Yes, we know that you ladies are drawn to men who are the mysterious, strong-but-silent types, but that works both ways. A woman whose best features aren’t the most obvious ones is like a flower that’s slowly opening up. We can see the beauty on the outside, but as the flower blooms we are given a glimpse into an even deeper beauty. mysterious womanWe want you to be that woman who turns around in the parking lot and gives us this smile we haven’t seen all night long, but know in an instant we have to see again and again.  It’s a coy “I know a secret” kind of smile that lets us know there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not telling you to go out there and learn a magic trick or something (though that would be very cool in the right context). Just don’t be one of those people who feels the need to share every single moment of their life story in the first five minutes of meeting.

6) Physical contact – Touch is important. If you touch a guy’s arm while you laugh or flirt or whatever, it bumps you up a dozen notches on the “sexy” scale. You have proven you aren’t afraid to get physical. We like physical. Follow the logic.

7) Bedroom eyes – You know what I’m talking about here. It’s that same look we imagine we’d be seeing after a long, exhausting night. It’s that same look we imagine we’d see after that long night and just before you slide up next to us and whisper, “Ready for more?” Oh yeah, I just got chills thinking about it.

8) Looks – Sorry, but I couldn’t leave this one out. It is important, like it or not. Take care of yourself and the way you dress.


So now you know the secrets. You’ve looked behind the curtain and found exactly what we guys notice when we’re out and about. Above that, you know why we look for these things, and that’s something you can apply to other traits I might have missed. You want to make us feel there’s no doubt you would rock our world if we were lucky enough to get that chance with you. And if we see that pouring off of you, you’d better believe we’ll be fighting for that chance every time.

Your turn now to sound off. What did I miss?